Goofing around and having fun in the adventure van.

A (Possible) Cure for “I wanna go home!!”

In the last two and a half years, no travel experience has caused me much pause. Until, in early January when Alistair screamed for an hour that he wanted to go home as we snuggled into bed at our friends’ house in Utah. It...

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Itchy Feet

We’re getting ready for our next trip and I haven’t even finished writing up the posts for our last one. It’s been just shy of 6 weeks since we got home from Europe, and to be taking off on another trip so soon...

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Onboard the ferry to Santa Cruz Island.

SoCal with a Local in 42 Hours

I first started scheming a trip to visit Abbey a few months ago, imagining relaxing in the sand and surf of So. Cal, margarita in hand. That mental image popped like a cartoon thought bubble two days before my trip when Abbey...

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A Night in Flat Tops Wilderness

We’d been planning a weekend camping trip with our friends, Matt and Sarah, for about a month. We knew it would be a little hectic with our trip to Vashon the week before, but since M&S are about to have a kiddo, time...

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Vashon: a Berry Lovers Paradise

We’re on Vashon and odds are as you’re reading this we’re eating berries. If, at any point, you’re walking along any road on this island and you stick out your hand, you’ll soon be clutching a...

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The only way out is through

We somewhat carefully planned our travel route so that we wouldn’t spend more than 3.5 hours in the car on any given day. The Zermatt to St. Moritz leg was slated to be our longest, coming in around 4 hours. We figured we...

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Zooming through Zermatt

Apparently I’m a sucker for remote places that are difficult to get to. I’ve always wanted to go to Zermatt and see the Matterhorn, but when I found out that it’s only accessible by train my desire was kicked up...

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Chamonix: we made it here alive

First, I have to let you know one thing: from now on, I’m only eating chicken that’s been cooked right in front of me on a scalding hot stone. It has to be sliced so thinly that you can’t see it if you’re...

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Our Trip, in a Nutshell

Since this was our first camping trip with Alistair, we made it as easy and as open-ended as possible. Jordan drove to St. George on Thursday, and Alistair and I flew out to meet him on Saturday. The drive is 9 hours and the...

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