Iceland – Part I – The Journey

We visited Iceland in October 2015, when Alistair was 15 months old, for our friends’ wedding. I started this series of posts when we returned home, but due to work, our busy season, parenthood, and life, I’m finally...

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A few days at Eibsee

Leaving Crailsheim on Monday morning was hard, as it always is when you leave a good friend who lives on the other side of the world, without knowing when we would be back. We had a big day of driving on tap, dipping down into...

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Life is good.

Goldbacher Lichterfest

We were among the last guests to leave the hotel the morning after the wedding – blowing right through the check out time. We spent the day recuperating at Verena and Christian’s house, each of us getting out for a...

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Leaving to drive to the reception in an old Benz. Jordan tried to join them (kidding).

A [German] Wedding to Remember

Crailsheim probably isn’t on the top of most tourists’ lists of must-see places in Germany, yet this was my third visit to the small town about an hour outside of Stuttgart and one of my favorite places to visit. This...

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Munich with a toddler

We took a redeye flight straight from Denver to Munich, leaving Denver around 4:30pm and landing in Munich at 10:30am (2:30am Denver time). All in all, Alistair did great on the flight, and while traveling with a toddler is never...

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The only way out is through

We somewhat carefully planned our travel route so that we wouldn’t spend more than 3.5 hours in the car on any given day. The Zermatt to St. Moritz leg was slated to be our longest, coming in around 4 hours. We figured we...

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Chamonix: tres bien

I’m trying to be better about writing posts about our travels and where we stayed and what we did and what we ate and all of that. And by¬†“trying” I mean thinking I should do that and then not doing it. Until...

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Chamonix: we made it here alive

First, I have to let you know one thing: from now on, I’m only eating chicken that’s been cooked right in front of me on a scalding hot stone. It has to be sliced so thinly that you can’t see it if you’re...

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