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I can count on one hand the times I’ve been the first one up in the morning over the past 2.5 years. An empty house, chilly air, and the steady undulating hum of the radon mitigator. On the whole, sleep is still eluding us, which I know most parents find unfathomable but a select few can deeply empathize with. This past week has been particular tough. We have a very spirited sleep-talker and it’s impossible for me to differentiate his real midnight pleas from his imagined/dreamt ones.

It’s also fitting that the last time I wrote a post was on vacation in October – before we were swept back to reality and the busy-ness of an impending ski, and holiday, season. Now that we’ve made it through our busiest week of the year and another birthday looming causing me to think deeply about my priorities, I’m making a Hail Mary attempt to get back into writing before 2016 is gone for good.

So while there’s a lot to catch up on writing-wise (finishing our Euro chronicles, more from Hawaii, a trip to NY, etc etc), I’m not going to let that paralyze me and prevent me from writing in the present. Afterall, even with the busy season upon us, we’re still having plenty of fun. Every year it feels like December is a complete whirlwind and we don’t fully enjoy the holidays – getting our tree in a last minute frenzy, and throwing up a couple strands of lights if we’re lucky. This year, especially because Ali is old enough to be excited about the lights and traditions, I’m hoping to change that.

Ali's homemade advent calendar.
Ali’s homemade advent calendar.


Fun times at Lions Park with his buddy

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